Define Database

What do you understand by ‘Database’?


How to Push code to git

Push code from local computer to git???


Insert data when table not having created_at and updated_at column in Laravel Project

I have created a table not having created_at and updated_at column,
On submit form to store data into database table it is showing unknown c


How to change laravel application name

I have freshly installed a Laravel application, the Default name is 'Laravel' displayed in my title tag.
I want to change its Defaul


How to GetChecked values and Remove unchecked in array

Need to create an array having the value of selected checkbox and remove from the array when unchecked that checkbox.


mysql join query

select * from customer_shipping_address join hub_item_order_request on customer_shipping_address.said=hub_item_order_request.said where hub_item_or


Take a screenshot in MAC book air

How to capture screenshot in MAC 


How to remove Application from Mac using terminal

I want to remove my custom install applications from my mac book air but it is not displayed in my finder/applications so I am using the termi


How to remove Application from Mac

I want to uninstall my application from mac book air


how to reverse a santance using java

I want to reverse the sentence like
how are you -> you are how