How to install web server in MAC

In MAC OS, Apache and php already pre install we need to just activate it
Terminal: sudo apachectl start to activa


How to open terminal in MAC OS

Shortcut key to open terminal in mac os to run terminal command


how to add css class using javascript

want to dissable my anchor tag on click that button


Remove public form URL in Laravel

I have install laravel on my localhost I want to remove Public form url such as public to to access base site


Php code to genereate random number

How to generate random unique number in php


Create Pagenation in Laravel

How can add pagination in Larave in view blade


how to create public funciton in Laravel controller

public funciton funciton_name()


//your code goes here;



{{$str1 = str_replace('\\','-',$str);


Pagenation in Laravel

In Controller funtion:
public function {

$variable = DB::table('table_name')->pageinate(number_of_record);
return view('page_n