How to install Laravel

I am new to Laravel. I want to install Laravel but I am not able to install it in my localhost

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Calculate difference between two dates using Carbon and Blade

I want to display the difference of time in posting related to current time such as you have posted this blog 15 min ago

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Pagenation in Laravel

In Controller funtion:
public function {

$variable = DB::table('table_name')->pageinate(number_of_record);
return view('page_n

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how to create public funciton in Laravel controller

public funciton funciton_name()


//your code goes here;


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Create Pagenation in Laravel

How can add pagination in Larave in view blade

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Remove public form URL in Laravel

I have install laravel on my localhost I want to remove Public form url such as public to to access base site

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How to change laravel application name

I have freshly installed a Laravel application, the Default name is 'Laravel' displayed in my title tag.
I want to change its Defaul

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Insert data when table not having created_at and updated_at column in Laravel Project

I have created a table not having created_at and updated_at column,
On submit form to store data into database table it is showing unknown c

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Login using Facebook not working in Laravel

I want to log in using Facebook but not working in Laravel

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How to create Manual pagenation in Laravel

I am creating a search box to search product on my e-commerce website. It is working fine but i want only limited recored on one page
I have

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